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Media Management Software: How to Streamline My Video Production Process

By Lance Hukill
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Robert Renzoni of Americas at Quantum
Robert Renzoni, the Sr. Director of Technical Sales Americas at Quantum

Today we sat down with Robert Renzoni, the Sr. Director of Technical Sales Americas at Quantum, to discuss how media management software is an effective tool to streamline video production. Quantum is the developer of the CatDV Asset Management Platform. Quantum CatDV is one of our best-of-breed partners.


Many thanks to Robert Renzoni for giving us his time to be interviewed on the topic of media management software. We appreciate him sharing with others how they can streamline their video production process. Let’s dive into our discussion.


Question: So much has changed over the past three years. Team members in post-production have so many choices, free trials, and the expectation now is that we are all working remotely. How does a collective team, working together, streamline the video production process collaboratively, managing multiple projects? It’s easy to pick solutions when we are working in a vacuum. But that is almost always not the case. How does a company streamline their process? 

Answer: Too many choices for solutions can make collaboration a challenge. One of the best things a company can do is identify an integrated solution that seamlessly meets all their company’s needs and is accessible in The Cloud. Acorn Cloud provides teams with the ability to ingest, search, find, enrich, and retain assets, all with remote work-in-progress functionality.


One of the key benefits of Acorn Cloud is that all your data is in a central repository in a cloud environment. Anyone on your team from anywhere in the world can access it. This gives you a lot more flexibility in the workflow.


One of the big pain points of media management is tagging and cataloging media assets. This time-consuming process pulls creatives away from production. Searching and retrieving assets can be challenging. The best way to unlock the value of all your videos and other media is to have a platform that easily ingests and tags. The system should be searchable and discoverable. The faster that can happen, the better the whole experience is for your creative team. Our product, CatDV, is integrated into Acorn Cloud. CatDV leverages the power of AI to enhance media search and retrieval. Creatives can use prompts like, “I want to see all the soccer balls,” and it will instantly tag all the media assets. Searching and retrieving archived content is quick and effective.


CatDV Diagram


Acorn Cloud has other components as well and can be tweaked to meet the needs of very different creative teams. Every component streamlines the workflow: bulk ingest assets, drag and drop functionality, live edits, and reviews, notes, and extended metadata. Teams can take advantage of workflow orchestration.


Creative teams are working from different locations. They are collaborating with people with other roles, yet all come together collectively. Acorn Cloud makes that easy.


Question: Hybrid workflows are the new buzzword. Production needs to manage a content library, edit with platforms that don’t get in the way of the creative process (like drag and drop and easy review and approve), and deliver fast. How do you unlock the value of managing large volumes of video, images, or other valuable data that needs to be cataloged for in work or after-completion-workflows?          

Answer: Hybrid workflows can really shorten video production time but there is a complexity to managing both sequential and parallel processes. All team members need access to media assets, timelines, and more. If the workflow is not carefully managed, the production can devolve into chaos.


close up of video camera equipment Acorn Cloud was built with effective workflows in mind. You can set permissions and create feedback loops to support simultaneous processes. Your editor can be working on production, while another team can review and approve the work. The full creative team can track projects as they progress through the work cycle. Production, reviews, and handoffs are all managed within the system. This process is transparent. This streamlines the workflow and expedites production all while maintaining or improving quality.


But it is not only your production team that benefits. Efficient cloud-based media asset management supports marketing efforts as well. Videos, images, and other data can quickly be incorporated into social media teasers.


Question: Let’s talk about customer support. Projects are always working on tight margins so, to save time and costs, what are the benefits you see of having a system that is supported by a third party, rather than project staff? 

Answer: Today it would be extremely costly to build a workflow and asset management system. You would need a high level of expertise. Even cobbling together a system from a mix of vendors presents challenges. You must be able to determine the best platform and software and ensure that the components work well together. When issues arise, you will have to assess and navigate each vendor’s software support. There’s a cost to that downtime.


With Acorn Cloud, CHESA has already done all that legwork. Acorn Cloud was designed and managed by a team of experts. They have decades of experience supporting customers and their workflows. They have integrated components that make the entire experience seamless for customers. They’ve selected the top-line products in each category, bundled them, packaged them up, and then provided remote monitoring capabilities on top of that. With Acorn Cloud, you don’t have to worry about the headache. You have customer support. You don’t have to hire staff to support the workflow and all the elements that go into it.


Our product, CatDV, is included in Acorn Cloud. But Acorn Cloud also includes other components in its cloud-based system. Components like LucidLink.




When you implement Acorn Cloud, they will fine-tune and tweak it to meet the needs of your company. After implementation, their customer service will fully support your team.


Your team will have this powerful system sitting right in front of each team member. They will have the ability to ingest, search, find, enrich, and retain media assets, all with remote work functionality. Everyone on your team can access everything in real-time with a few clicks. And they get the support they need.


Find Out How Your Creative Teams Can Benefit from Acorn Cloud

Acorn Cloud is more than a workflow, it is a solution with full support and services behind it. Contact us today to see how Acorn Cloud can transform your video production process.


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