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Video Asset Management Software Has Changed How Video Editors Work

By Lance Hukill

Modern video asset management software (VAM) allows teams to ingest, orchestrate, transcode, proxy edit, search, enrich, share, archive, and retrieve assets. This kind of software has revolutionized how video editors work. Before the widespread adoption of video asset management software, teams managed digital assets in cumbersome processes on-prem. Team members relied heavily on naming conventions and file folder hierarchies to organize assets. Versioning was challenging and overwriting files was a real risk in production, with a lot of time and energy spent moving files to local workstations.

On-prem file servers and networks were the repositories for the official video assets, but creatives frequently had their versions of assets stored locally. Redundancies were common. Finding the right assets for your editing and VFX work could be challenging, and workflows were typically linear.

Video asset management software is a game changer for the industry. It increases efficiency and streamlines workflows, reducing production and post-production budgets. It also increases access for other teams on the project, such as social media marketing departments. When Cloud-based, it all provides a scalable solution without the need for investing in expensive networking hardware. These features lower the barrier to entry for small specialized production shops and independent creatives.


How Video Management Tools Have Enhanced Workflow Processes

Video production workflows are the steps that occur as part of editing and video production. There are workflows at every stage, from pre- and post-production to distribution and marketing. They exist even if your team has not documented or standardized their workflows. But if you have not optimized your workflows, you are likely wasting time, money, and resources and bogging down your creative teams. Here are a few ways that video management tools have improved video production.

  • Perhaps the most significant benefit of adopting video management tools for the editor is that effective tools reduce the time allocated to mundane and repetitive file management tasks. These tools allow editors to focus on their role’s creative and rewarding aspects.
  • Video asset management software supports nonlinear editing and remote and hybrid work.
  • Video asset management software can often extract enhanced metadata from the assets to gain insight into the content. Whether pulling locations from frames, face recognition, or text from audio clips, automating enhanced metadata allows creatives to search on various keywords to pick up precisely the asset they need, all without the time and expense of manual review and tagging.
  • Video management tools increase the efficiency of workflows at every stage of video production. Post-production workflows are crucial spaces to realize efficiencies. From an asset perspective, editing and visual effects dramatically increase the number of assets and versions. These tools manage content, making it easier to identify the correct version for the next part of the process. Review and approval workflows are also critical at the post-production stage when video asset management software can keep the project on track by ensuring that the process only moves forward with project criteria achievement and approvals.
  • Video management tools increase the lifecycle of video assets by making it easier to search, retrieve, and archive files. This feature allows content to be repurposed at later stages and by other departments. These asset management software systems can automate exporting files into different formats, lengths, and codecs for distribution on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, traditional broadcast, and many other channels.

Before the Cloud, video editors required expensive computers, data services, and networks to store and manage assets. The manual processes to make assets searchable were time-consuming, requiring strict naming conventions and file hierarchies. Video Asset Management Software has dramatically changed how video editors work, allowing them to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.


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