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How Can Video Content Management Systems Boost Creativity?

By Lance Hukill

Through automation and other efficiencies, video content management systems help reduce the monotonous daily tasks that trip up creative teams. When creatives are in a zone where they can do their very best work, they are said to be in a flow state. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduced the concept of flow after observing how artists can become deeply embedded in their work, allowing them to produce a highly creative output. Concentration, clarity of goals, and a speeding up or slowing down of time mark the flow state. When in a flow state, the creator’s experience is intrinsically rewarding. The project is effortless, and the difficulty rests in a sweet spot between ease and challenge. An experience that enhances engagement and prevents boredom or frustration. The mind is focused, with merged actions and awareness.

Creatives do their best work when they are in the flow. From an outsider’s perspective, video editors and the other creatives would often be in the flow state. It’s a professional that requires a high level of creativity. But the reality is that the day-to-day tasks of the job may be hindering the ability to be in a flow state. For instance, ingesting, moving, tagging, and labeling assets can be time-consuming and tedious. While essential to ensure that other team members can work efficiently, these tasks can fatigue and frustrate the editor and pull them from the zone. Yet to effectively manage thousands of assets necessary to create a finished video project, cataloging and tagging is essential. Through automation, video content management systems ensure the team has the necessary access without requiring time-consuming tasks. These tools keep the editor firmly in the zone where they can achieve a flow state.

Another way that video content management systems can improve creativity is by reducing distractions. Any distraction can reduce productivity, but when the interruption is significant, there is task switching. Attention residue, a term used to describe the lingering effects of a previous task and the impact on a new task, is the result. A well-integrated video content management system can help reduce distractions. You have moved out of the editing task and into a new task if, for instance, you are editing and can’t get your hands on a suitable file and must spend a lot of time searching and opening files. Research suggests that attention residue can take 25 minutes or more to shake, preventing you from quickly returning to the creative flow.


Leveraging Your Remote Video Editing Skills

A good video content management system will get out of your way and keep you focused on editing. When you have a solution that manages your content and automates tasks, it reduces task switching and helps you stay in the zone.

The better the integration between the video content management system and your editing tools, the more seamless the creative experience is. Look for platforms or services created by people who understand system integration’s importance.

  • Invest the time into getting to know your tools. Because getting into the creative zone requires the right level of challenge, becoming proficient in your software frees your mind and pays off in greater focus and creativity.
  • Automate everything that you can. Use available automation for ingesting files, enhanced metadata tagging, and file transcoding. The more you automate, the more time and focus you have for creating.
  • Don’t spend time moving files and waiting for them to download, jump in using a proxy editor and see results quickly.
  • Use notes and workflows for feedback and approvals. The information is there when you need it.
  • Use collaboration tools to get feedback from team members who can see your edits live. Brainstorm, share, encourage, and learn from each other.


Learn How Your Creative Teams Can Benefit from Acorn Cloud

Acorn Cloud is a Cloud-based media workflow and management platform for creative team collaboration and has been designed from the ground up to help creative teams thrive working remotely.

Acorn Cloud was designed by CHESA, experts in systems integration for video production. We have pulled together the best components and tools in a Cloud-based solution. Our SaaS system is a turnkey managed solution and is fully supported, so your creative teams can quickly get to what they do best, creating high-quality videos.

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