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Boost Remote Team Collaboration with an Asset Collaboration Platform

By Andy Shepherd, VP Engineering

Creating video content is often a highly collaborative endeavor. While the size of video production and postproduction teams may vary by the project’s scope, creatives are fulfilling the roles of planning, directing, producing, filming, editing, effects, production assistants, and preparing files for distribution. Often, team members are in different locations, and all of them need access to media assets. One of the best ways to boost team collaboration is with a powerful, well-designed asset collaboration platform.

Effective collaboration is essential to creating high-quality videos with minimal bottlenecks. Each time assets are handed off to a different creator, there are opportunities for delay or errors. Delays in one department can have a devastating effect on the whole project as the costs multiply and other creative team members further down the pipeline are at a standstill. However, effective handoffs are not the only way collaboration positively impacts performance. Feedback from team members is an effective way to develop new skills. Sometimes just being a member of a team can give a boost. As reported in Forbes, a Stanford study revealed that being a member of a team had a positive impact on individual performance. Individuals who were members of a team stuck to tasks longer, were more engaged, and had lower fatigue levels.

However, not all collaborations positively impact performance and creativity. Maximizing creativity requires focused time and access to resources. Miscommunication, waiting for resources, and repetitive and time-consuming tasks can drain energy and focus. While there are lots of approaches to enhancing a team, it may be surprising to consider just how important effective asset management solutions are to high-performing creative teams.

Finding the right balance is important to maximize your team’s effectiveness. Understanding some of the blocks, designing your systems and workflows around amending challenges, and accentuating the positives are the keys to boosting remote creativity.


When You Focus on Collaboration, Creatives Thrive

The key is to design a system that makes collaboration seamless while allowing team members to get what they need to do done.

It has become the norm for video production teams to be spread out in different locations. Distance can make it difficult to maintain that sense of team that enhances performance. Communication is essential. Cloud-based asset management can be used for real-time brainstorming, review, feedback, and collaboration, allowing team members to give and receive feedback on work in process files. Note features ensure that everyone is on the same page without creative team members having to look at other systems, such as emailing and team messaging platforms. A fully integrated asset management platform keeps everything organized and communication flowing.

Because effective collaboration requires seamless sharing of assets, a cloud-based asset management platform enhances performance by ensuring all team members have access to the media files they need. There is no waiting for files to be uploaded or transferred.

Media Asset Management platforms equipped with enhanced metadata ensure that all creatives can quickly find the assets they need.

Project management helps teams understand where their pieces of the project fit into the greater whole and keeps everyone aware of where they are in the digital pipeline.

Workflow automation reduces the time spent on less rewarding repetitive tasks.

Reworks are minimized as the current versions are available, and resources such as templates, style guides, and approved assets all ensure consistency.

Learn How Your Creative Teams Can Benefit from Acorn Cloud

Acorn Cloud is a cloud-based media workflow and management platform for video production. Acorn Cloud has been built for teams that need agility and collaboration. It is a robust system that allows them to create and collaborate effectively.

Acorn Cloud partners with the best-of-breed technologies including Adobe Premiere Pro, AWS, Quantum CatDV, and LucidLink to provide creatives with a powerful cloud-based media asset management and workflow solution. Our SaaS system is a turnkey managed solution and is fully supported, so your creative teams can quickly get to what they do best: creating high-quality videos.

Acorn Cloud has been designed from the ground up to help creative teams thrive working remotely. Acorn Cloud was designed by CHESA, experts in systems integration for video production with more than thirty years of experience supporting creatives.

To find out if Acorn Cloud is right for your team, contact us to book an online demo.

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