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Secure File Sharing Solutions for Remote Video Editors

By Lance Hukill

A growing number of video editors are working remotely, at least part of the time. One of the keys to successful remote and hybrid video editorial production is the adoption of cloud-based secure file sharing for remote video editors. With cloud-based file sharing, everyone on the team has on-the-go access to all the assets required for the project. Media Asset Management (MAM) systems organize your valuable data and secure it.

Today’s modern MAM systems are optimized for remote and hybrid teams. These systems for file sharing include robust search and retrieval capabilities, review and approval workflows, and versioning control. The best cloud-based file-sharing systems are designed to ensure that the right people have access to the right assets at the right time.

For video production teams protecting your assets is a high priority. When you are considering the features of a cloud-based file-sharing system, it’s important to assess and evaluate how that system will protect your data.

Securing Your Media Files in the Cloud

Whether your valuable media assets are sitting in the Cloud, on an on-Prem server, or being shuttled around on physical media, you need to know that they are secure. When collaborating, creative team members must share assets. If you haven’t provided a secure and effective system for your team to share files, they will come up with workarounds and these workarounds are usually inefficient and often have security issues.

Sometimes there is a misconception that the Cloud is less secure than an on-Prem solution or physical media. But the truth is, cloud-based file sharing has many security features and has been adopted in highly regulated industries like healthcare, government, and financial services. When you select an experienced provider, they bring security experience beyond what most small and medium-sized businesses would be able to achieve. In fact, a cloud-based system may have fewer vulnerabilities than a self-managed solution – especially for small studios.

When CHESA built Acorn Cloud, we knew that small and medium-sized video production companies were moving to remote work, and they needed a secure platform. Most of these small organizations do not have IT staff. We wanted to meet their needs. Acorn Cloud is a turnkey solution that allows creative teams to collaborate effectively while keeping files secure. We chose to build it on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted provider to public and private organizations with robust security and compliance requirements. AWS’s expertise in cloud-based computing, storage, and security is a strength in Acorn Cloud.

Ensuring that your files are secure is essential. There are a few steps that you can take when you are storing your media assets in the Cloud.

  • Plan for security at the beginning of the project by determining roles, access needs, and user system information. Use this information to clearly define user permissions and role-based access control.
  • Ensure that your cloud-based solution features strong encryption, state-of-the-art user authentication, and protection from malware.
  • Enhance security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). With MFA, there are two sets of user credentials. There is a global market for compromised credentials. Even if hackers obtain access to login and password information, secondary credentialing and authentication keep them out.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections protect your data.
  • Make sure that your editorial video production team secures the computers and devices that they use to access cloud-based files.
  • Many cloud-based systems include data analytics which reveals who is using your assets.
  • User training and support are important aspects of your data security plan. When editors and creatives are well-trained and have access to technical support, the likelihood of workarounds decreases, and your assets stay secure within the protected cloud-based file-sharing system.
  • A fully managed turnkey Software as a Service (SaaS) file-sharing platform offers small and mid-size studios the rich benefits of a cloud-based system designed by experts in integration and security.
  • Cloud file sharing also protects your data and ensures on-the-go access that is not interrupted by local conditions such as disasters, power outages, or theft.

Learn How Your Creative Teams Can Benefit from Acorn Cloud

Acorn Cloud is a cloud-based media workflow and management platform for video production. Acorn Cloud was designed with your valuable media assets in mind and integrates AWS which means creative teams have access to the innovations that will keep your assets secure.

Acorn Cloud partners with the best-of-breed technologies including Adobe Creative Cloud, AWS, MSP Helmut4, Quantum CatDV, and LucidLink to provide creatives with a powerful cloud-based media asset management and workflow solution. Our SaaS system is a turnkey managed solution and is fully supported, so your creative teams can quickly get to what they do best, creating high-quality videos.

Acorn Cloud has been designed from the ground up to help creative teams thrive working remotely.

Acorn Cloud was designed by CHESA, experts in systems integration for video production with more than thirty years of experience supporting creatives.

To find out if Acorn Cloud is right for your team, contact us to book an online demo.

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