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Cloud-Based Media Asset Management: Why It’s Essential for Modern Video Editing Workflows

By Lance Hukill

The video industry has changed dramatically since the birth of moving pictures, and many modern creatives wonder why manage media assets in the Cloud? In the past, editing was a linear process that involved working with physical media like film and tape. This process was time-consuming and required specialized equipment and expertise. With the rise of digital technology, video editing has become more accessible and flexible. Modern video editing workflows are now non-linear and involve working with digital files that can be easily manipulated and shared. For many years, creatives did most work in studios, but as technology advanced, it became possible for creative teams to work remotely. The pandemic accelerated this move to remote work, and now it has become an important part of modern video production. Remote video editing allows studios to draw upon talent from all over the world for any project. It also enables studios to have crews shooting in one location while postproduction teams are working in another.

But other changes have transformed the video industry as well. Social media has increased the demand for video content. Small and medium-sized businesses have discovered that video content is essential for engaging customers, building brand recognition, and increasing sales. Modern cloud-based systems have lowered the barrier of entry for creators by eliminating the need for costly capital expense investments upfront. Cloud-based platforms provide a scalable solution without investing in expensive networking hardware. This efficiency lowers the barrier to entry for small businesses and independent creatives.

In today’s fast-paced digital video production landscape, adopting modern video editing workflows is essential to remain competitive. With the rise of cloud-based solutions and remote work, cloud-based video editing workflows enable creators to keep up with the demands of modern content creation.

How Video Management Tools Have Enhanced Workflow Processes

Cloud-based solutions enable working remotely and collaborating with team members from anywhere in the world. These solutions increase efficiency and streamline workflows, reducing production and postproduction budgets.

  • Cloud-based media asset management (MAM) is essential for modern video editing workflows. It provides a centralized location for storing and sharing files, which can help streamline the workflow for searching and retrieving assets so team members can access files quickly.
  • Workflows for ingest are optimized with bulk ingest and drag-and-drop camera card support with modern Media Asset Management tools.
  • When your assets are stored in the Cloud and managed with a cloud-based MAM, you have a secure and scalable solution that enables real-time collaboration and access to video files from anywhere. Multiple editors are able to work on the same project simultaneously, shortening the time to produce finished content ready for distribution.
  • Proxy editing workflows reduce the load on hardware, allowing creators to edit from almost anywhere with laptops and computers over the internet while still producing quality content.
  • Automation increases the efficiency of modern editing workflows. Automated transcription and captioning tools can help transcribe content quickly and accurately. AI-powered metadata tagging can help categorize and organize large amounts of video content with enhanced metadata enrichment. Automation can streamline transcoding so that finished files are formatted correctly for distribution on various platforms.
  • Tools that include workflow orchestration support continued optimization.
  • Review and approval functions and collaboration features keep your team communicating and working together effectively, no matter where they are working from.

Video production workflows have evolved. With the advent of cloud-based services, creators have access to innovations that have the potential to streamline video production workflows, making the creation of high-quality content faster, more efficient, and more accessible than ever before.

Learn How Your Creative Teams Can Benefit from Acorn Cloud

Acorn Cloud is a cloud-based media workflow and management platform for video production. Acorn Cloud partners with the best-of-breed technologies including Adobe Premiere Pro, AWS, Quantum CatDV, and LucidLink to provide creatives with a powerful cloud-based media asset management and workflow solution. Our SaaS system is a turnkey managed solution and is fully supported, so your creative teams can quickly get to what they do best, creating high-quality videos.

Acorn Cloud has been designed from the ground up to help creative teams thrive working remotely. Acorn Cloud was designed by CHESA, experts in systems integration for video production with more than thirty years of experience supporting creatives.

To find out if Acorn Cloud is right for your team, contact us to book an online demo.

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